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Classical Pilates Mat

Pilates matwork is considered the root of the Pilates Method. Working through a series of 34 exercises, classes progress from basic mat to more advanced by utilizing progressions and building blocks to achieve success. Proper form and alignment is emphasized, as well as the correct rhythms and tempo. Strength and flexibility will be challenged and modifications will be offered to those who need assistance. 

Classes are available in three formats:

live-in-studio, virtual, or hybrid. 

Pilates Apparatus Class

Pilates Apparatus Class utilizes the Universal Reformer, the chairs, towers, or various other apparatus to build upon the foundation found in the Mat class. Within the small group classes, we will guide you to lengthen and strengthen your body for improved core stability, better posture, and more efficient movement without pain. The equipment is designed to teach you proper form and to move with grace and control. 

We offer both level one and two pilates apparatus classes.

Please note: 

New clients must take at least four private lessons before they enter a group apparatus class.

Pilates Tower Class

The Tower is an apparatus that is attached to the Reformer, but offers a more stable surface to work from. Individuals will sit, stand or lie down on a mat and work with resistive springs that are attached to a Tower to build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. This format adds some of the spring and bar work traditionally performed on the Cadillac.

This class is available in a hybrid format. (live and virtual)

Please Note:

Reservations are required to attend live in-studio classes. It's highly recommended that you purchase a Pilates Stick before joining us virtually.

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